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Homeowners in Staten Island should always work with the most reliable roofing companies to get the roofing service quality they deserve. Tredent Contracting Services focuses on providing customers with the most affordable and long lasting roofing solutions available.

Top Quality Installations
  • Homeowners who need the most reliable Staten Island roofing company services will always find what they are looking for with this company. These professional roofers make sure to address all customer needs. No project is considered complete until the customer is satisfied with the work done on their home.
  • As soon as a roofer from the company arrives at the location, they are ready to assess the environment and determine what needs to be done. The roofers are thorough and cautious with every step that they perform, guaranteeing that every project will be perfect.
Reliable Roofing Contractors
  • All of the roofing contractors who works with this Staten Island roofing company are fully licensed and insured. They firmly believe in providing the best services for their customers, and their training reflects this attitude.
  • Many residents of Staten Island are not familiar with the latest roofing procedures and equipment. In order to provide customers with quality peace of mind, the roofers will take the time to explain every part of the procedure to them.
  • The roofing contractors make sure to use the highest quality equipment with every project. Customers will be able to rest easy, knowing that material malfunctions will be the last of their concerns.
  • Every project is treated with attention and care by an expert roofer. Roofing contractors know that no two clients or projects are the same, and they make sure to treat each customer with the respect that they deserve.
  • The roofing company experts always provide high quality consultations if the customer is not sure what they want to do with their rooftop.

The roofers at Tredent Contracting Services of Staten Island NY can assist you with any questions regarding roofing, waterproofing, gutters, siding or masonry.

Tredent Contracting Services
Tredent Contracting Services : Helps Clients Learn More About Their Roofs

"When I noticed that my shingles were starting to fall off, I didn't know what to do or which roofing companies to call. I called these Staten Island roofing professionals. They told me about what was happening and what my options were. My new roof has never looked better, all thanks to them!"

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Wood Shingle Preservation

One of the biggest challenges that all Staten Island contractors experience when it comes to roofing is treating specialty shingles. Wood shingles in particular need to be preserved carefully in order to improve their longevity. This company makes sure that all customers know about what options they have when it comes to preserving their wood shingles to enjoy a more natural looking installation. The experts are always happy to review different treatment methods and products, catching clients up on their latest choices to make sure that they are always informed. If customers do not want to risk injury applying the treatments to the roof, the experts of Tredent Contracting Services will be more than happy to help. They always provide treatments and cleanups as a standard part of their services, making sure that all sections of the roof are safeguarded against damage as thoroughly as possible.

No project is too big for these roofers to handle.

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Tredent Contracting Services can assist you with roofing, siding, gutters and masonry in Staten Island NY and these areas:

  • Annadale
  • Graniteville
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