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Tredent Contracting Services believes in providing Staten Island, Brooklyn and other NYC homeowners and commercial property owners with quality roofing services. The experienced Staten Island roofers at Tredent go above and beyond what is expected to provide clients with everything they need.
Contractors Can Install New Roofs on Staten Island and Replace Existing Roofs
  • Tredent Contracting Services has a long history dating back to the late 1960s when the founder of the company first opened his doors for business. The company is still owned by the same family, and the employees believe in doing work quickly to reduce the interruptions to clients and their
  • All Staten Island roofers sent to the job site work directly for the company. Clients will never worry that Tredent Contracting Services subcontracts its jobs to other roofers or contractors who aren't covered by insurance.
Trusted and Reliable Staten Island Roofers
  • With experience in roofing, foundation repair, siding and more, the contractors working for Tredent Contracting Services can complete multiple services for clients and reduce the number of calls they need to make to other contractors.
  • The company offers more than just the roofing installation in Staten Island for its clients. Roofers working for the company can also repair damage to flashing, keep chimneys from leaking and repair or replace damaged and missing gutters and downspouts.
  • All work performed by the company comes with its long lasting and dependable guarantee. This guarantee ensures that clients are satisfied with the work performed or the company will come back and do whatever it takes to keep clients happy.
  • This company's contractors have more than one decade of combined experience in waterproofing roofs and foundations. They can replace missing or broken seals and flashing on the roof and apply waterproofing materials to better protect the foundation of a home and prevent leaks.

If you would like to ask a question regarding roofing, waterproofing, gutters or foundation repair, contact the roofers at Tredent Contracting Services now.

Making Staten Island Roofs Look Better Than Ever

One customer's roof had so many problems that he didn't know where to turn or what to do. Not only was the flashing coming loose, but there were also some shingles missing. Once a professional roofer got up on the roof, they found that there were some holes in the underlayment too. The customer thought the job would cost so much that it would leave him broke, but Tredent Contracting Services actually offered to contact the insurer for him and found that the company would cover most of the repairs needed. The roofers left the home in perfect condition, billed the insurer and got in touch with the customer to let him know when the insurance paid off. This customer said, "I've never worked with any other roofing companies, and now I know that if I have any other problems, I can call Tredent Contracting Services and get help fast."

Tredent Contracting Services provides quick and affordable work for residents in and around Brooklyn.

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